Speciality Finishes

Dryvit’s range of ‘speciality’ finishes enable designers to achieve the look of granite, limestone, reconstituted stone, brickwork, wood or stone feature work providing a durable and lightweight equivalent to their natural alternative at a fraction of the cost.  TerraNeo, Ameristone, Stone Mist, Custom Brick, Brick Effect, Wood Effect finishes and our Prefabricated Feature profiles complement the standard texture range and are available in a wide choice of colours with the option to match stone or brick where required.

The speciality finishes further extend the versatility of Dryvit’s external insulation and anti-crack render systems and provide architects, specifiers and building owners with a highly adaptable method of achieving striking aesthetic results.

When the speciality finishes are combined with our range of external wall insulation systems they provide a thermally efficient cladding solution that is difficult to match in terms of performance when using more traditional cladding options.

Whether the project is new build or renovation Dryvit’s ‘speciality’ finishes offer high-performance characteristics that ensure a long-lasting radiant finish certain to enhance a building’s stature.

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  • Standard Finishes

    The standard texture PMR range offers 100% acrylics incorporating dirt pickup resistant (DPR) and proven mildew resistant (PMR) properties with aggregates ranging from 1 to 3mm.

    We also offer high performance Dryvit Hybrid, HDP and FD PMR finishes. Hybrid textured finishes incorporate silicone-silicate polymer technology to provide a breathable and durable finish. HDP textured finishes incorporate silicone-based technology that promote hydrophobic properties, which repel water resulting in less dirt pick up and a cleaner wall appearance. FD PMR finishes are premixed 100% acrylic finishes containing DPR and PMR technology as well as a film forming accelerator for improved resistance to wash off.

    Drytex and SLK are mineral and silicate based finishes generally offered on our Stone Wool based External Wall Insulation (EWI) System. Also our mineral based Dash Receiver and Dash Aggregate finish can satisfy parochial planning requirements offering a wide range of dash aggregate colours on all our insulated and Anti-Crack Render (ACR) Systems.

    The high performance pigments incorporated in our finishes enable a wide range of colour options and if we don’t have the colour you want in our standard range we have a colour matching service that will be sure to satisfy your needs. Even the most demanding deep and bright colours can be achieved.

  • Custom Brick & Brick Effect

    Manufacturing and transporting clay bricks is energy intensive. On site installation commonly involves several trades with the substrate protection and insulation often supplied by others without a single source responsibility or warranty for the performance of the wall. A Dryvit system incorporating either a Custom Brick or Brick Effect finish provides an environmentally superior, simpler, cost effective alternative, from a single source.

    Custom BrickCustom Brick utilises a template installed over a base coat and colour coordinated coating prior to the finish application. On removal of the brick template the custom brick effect is revealed. Custom Brick comes in a variety of options and we can also match an existing building brick or stone pattern and size. Combine this design flexibility with an infinite selection of colours, textures and shading techniques, and your building exterior can look exactly the way you want!

    brick2Dryvit Brick Effect is a ready to use polymer modified cementitious render, used to create a brick effect finish. The system is applied in two different coats, the mortar coat and the face coat. The top coat is cut through to expose the mortar base coat, creating the full brick and mortar joint effect. The joints produced are slightly deeper than our Custom Brick finish and it is extremely versatile as joints are cut on site to suit. The finishes are available in a range of typical brick colours to satisfy parochial requirements.

  • TerraNeo & Ameristone

    ‘Solid’…’Stately’…’Monumental’ all describe buildings made of granite. Granite, like brick, is heavy and energy intensive to find, produce, and transport. To accommodate its weight, a building also requires more concrete and steel structural support – adding to the cost and environmental footprint of the project.

    Incorporating a blend of quartz, minerals and mica, Dryvit’s TerraNeo and Ameristone finishes are an environmentally sustainable, 21st Century alternative – allowing you to create the appearance you want without the cost, duration and environmental impact associated with heavier materials.

  • Stone Mist & Stone Mist T

    Stone or reconstituted stone, like brick, is heavy and energy intensive to find, produce, and transport, Stone Mist and Stone Mist T are more refined finishes than their sister products, TerraNeo and Ameristone. Whether you are striving to create a solid, upscale appearance for an exterior or unique and durable finish for an interior, Stone Mist and Stone Mist T will enhance a building’s value by adding both style and substance to it.

    Stone MistStone Mist is coloured quartz aggregate finish premixed in acrylic binder, which provides a natural stone appearance at a fraction of the cost of its natural and recon alternatives. Stone Mist T additionally includes fine mica flakes which reflect natural sunlight providing a sparkling and beautiful effect on any wall. Like all Dryvit finishes, Stone Mist and Stone Mist T are highly versatile. Use them as finishes for any Dryvit External Wall Insulation (EWI) Systems or directly applied to properly prepared substrates such as masonry, render or interior drywall.

    Stone Mist and Stone Mist T are available in a range of standard colours but can also be matched to natural reconstituted stone.

  • Lymestone & Weatherlastic Adobe

    Similar to brick, granite and stone, limestone is another heavy material from a bygone era that is energy intensive to harvest, shape, transport and install. Lymestone & Weathelastic Adobe finishes by Dryvit, however, are not. Lymestone & Weatherlastic Adobe finishes are comprised of natural minerals, blended with 100% acrylic polymers and long lasting pigments, and are readily available in an infinite colour selection.

    On larger wall surfaces, EPS profiles and aesthetic reveals are commonly used to yield realistic limestone effect.

    Lymestone is often used to compliment other Dryvit finishes such as, TerraNeo, Stone Mist, Stone Mist T, Custom Brick, Brick Effect and Tuscsan Glaze (old world plaster appearance).

  • Drytex Wood Effect

    Drytex Wood Effect is a white ready to use blend of polymer modified cementitious powders, which only require the addition of water to produce a high quality finish. After application a wood grain texture is created by impressing a flexible wood pattern moulding into the render before it has set.

    Once the desired grain pattern has been achieved and the render allowed to cure a Dryvit Wood Prime, followed by Dryvit Wood Glaze, Dryvit Wood Stain or solid colour coating, either Demandit or Silstar, can be applied to facilitate the desired finish.

    Wood Effectimage088As with brick and other cladding options timber cladding is supplied as a separate component to insulation and other ancillary items and in many cases they are installed by different trades. Using Drytex Wood Effect as a finish option over one of our external wall insulation systems can prove to be a cost effective alternative, avoiding complicated system transition details, with a single source responsibility for product warranty.

  • Prefabricated Features

    Dryvit Prefabricated Features are an innovative range of mouldings that enable architects and specifiers to transform exterior facades of new build and renovation projects.

    A standard range of traditional and contemporary features are available and we are also able to produce bespoke designs for specific requirements.

    Dryvit’s Prefabricated Features take their place as a viable and cost effective method of reproducing either the look of traditional buildings on the most modern of developments to transforming a façade into a contemporary work of art.

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