BS 8414 Fire Testing to LPCB Certification & Red Book Listing for Dryvit Systems

Alongside our A2-s1, d0 Roxsulation Pro System, Dryvit has carried out an extensive programme of fire testing to become one of the first external insulated render manufacturers to achieve BR 135 classification tested in accordance with BS 8414-1 and BS 8414-2 for a range of its External Wall Insulation (EWI) Systems. This testing continues to satisfy Building Regulations in England & Wales for fire safety when installed on defined non-domestic buildings over 18 metres in height and in Scotland on defined domestic and non-domestic buildings over 11 metres in height. The BR 135 classification is called for as an alternative guidance to non-combustibility compliance for defined building types and applications.

In addition to the BR 135 classification the range of systems have also been assessed and Certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) to the more stringent requirements of their LPS 1581 & LPS 1582 scheme documents, enabling ‘Red Book’ listing, and denotes compliance with the highest levels of fire testing within the UK. LPCB standards are often used as a benchmark Certification by leading building insurers involved in all forms of construction. Insurers requesting LPCB standards of conformity are generally looking to minimise their risk by insisting on compliance with the most rigorous fire performance standards backed by independent third-party Certification.

Dryvit’s fire testing programme and LPCB Certification was carried out at the world-renowned Building Research Establishment (BRE) based in Watford and covers the Outsulation, Outsulation Plus and Outsulation Rail Systems over a range of insulation thicknesses, finishes, textures & colours over both solid and framed substrates.  Until now, only a limited number of External Wall Insulated Render Systems have received Certification from the prestigious Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB). This comprehensive programme of large-scale fire testing, coupled with on-going manufacturing surveillance and annual audit testing, will offer versatility of specification with ultimate assurance of compliance at all levels.  

The Outsulation, Outsulation Plus & Outsulation Rail Systems all provide proven weatherability and insulating qualities with the Outsulation Plus and Outsulation Rail System also adding a second line of defence against air, moisture and weather.  All systems can be fixed either mechanically or with adhesive to most substrates and are rendered with a polymer-modified reinforced base coat with a glass fibre mesh and can be finished with a wide choice of Dryvit’s standard and specialty coloured and textured finishes. For the test programme, stone wool firebreaks are positioned at each storey height, as recommended in the BRE report BR 135 Fire Performance of External Thermal Insulation for Walls of Multi-Storey Buildings. For information on the systems please refer to system options