Rock Solid and Beautiful

Ameristone is an architectural finish that can be specified for precast and poured-in-place concrete, masonry and cement plaster and as an extraordinary finish on all Dryvit EIFS systems. The natural aggregates of Ameristone finish are encased in a clear 100% acrylic binder and sealed to provide long-term durability and low maintenance.


  • Coordinating Primer
    Ameristione Colours Coordinating Colour Prime Colours
    011 Pearl Haze 102 Bright White
    012 Stony Creek 142 Spectrum Brown
    014 White Ash 103 Natural White
    016 Champagne Grey 131 Gull Gray
    017 Sedona Red 345 Acorn
    020 Midnight Storm 133 Driftwood
    021 Granite Shore 133 Driftwood
    022 Bay Peak 133 Driftwood
    023 Black Poppy 713 Spectrum Black
    024 Bass Rock 714 Raisin
  • Ameristone… The Look of True Stone with None of the Disadvantages

    Ameristone. Lead time is minimal, and loss due to damage and breakage is a thing of the past. What’s more, it’s lightweight ­− a fraction of the weight of stone.

    When you specify an Ameristone architectural stone finish, you get the proven high performance of Dryvit’s 100% acrylic-based finishes. A tough exterior capable of resisting elements such as airborne pollutants, wind, acid rain, UV radiation, fungus and mildew. Design capabilities are unlimited because architectural details can be created easily and quickly utilizing EPS insulation board. There is also the added possibility of creating custom blends by spraying one colour over another.

    If you want the look of stone and the legendary performance of Dryvit finishes, call toll free today. Find out how you can immediately incorporate Ameristone in your next project.

  • Before Making A Final Decision

    Please note that the on-screen colours may not precisely match actual colours due to variance in monitor calibrations.

    It is the intent and purpose of this web-based colour chart to provide a basic representation of Dryvit Systems finish colours and is offered as a sales aid only to select a range of colours for final selection.

    This web-based colour chart shall not be used for final colour selection as colour differences may occur from one computer to another.

    Actual colour selection should be made from 8" x 10" samples of each finish type, texture and colour to be used on the project. Samples shall be prepared using the same tools and techniques proposed for the actual installation by the applicator/contractor.


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