Designs Limited Only By The Imagination

The extraordinary design flexibility of the Dryvit external wall insulation (EWI) systems is what distinguishes it from all other exterior cladding choices. Dryvit’s range of speciality finishes and prefabricated shapes enable designers to achieve the look of granite, limestone, reconstituted stone, brickwork, wood or stone feature work providing a durable and lightweight equivalent to their natural alternative at a fraction of the cost. 

Specialty FinishesDryvit Shapes

Whitefriars - Dryvit Shapes
Dryvit Speciality Finishes
TerraNeo with Feature Grooves
TerraNeo Creating the Illusion of multiple panel cladding with continuous EWI
Dryvit Shapes
Dryvit EWI and Shapes Installation

Finishes and Shapes: The Designer's Best Friend

The following case studies illustrate how finishes and shapes from Dryvit play an integral role in increasing curb appeal and building value. And with our incredible range of colours available, we can provide an exterior appearance to suit any aesthetic or corporate brand standard.

The Signal, 91 Newington Causeway
Landmark Apartment Block Looks Striking in Dryvit TerraNeo
The Signal, a 22 storey residential development has a façade consisting of sheathed lightweight steel frame clad with 3,600m2 of Dryvit Outsulation external wall insulation system (EWI) and finished in Dryvit TerraNeo speciality finish.
Whitfriars Shopping Centre, Canterbury
Dryvit Systems Deliver Traditional Kerb Appeal in Canterbury
Lightweight prefabricated Dryvit Shape external wall insulation (EWI) feature mouldings provided a highly buildable, cost-effective method of reproducing the look of traditional Georgian stone detailing on phase 1, 2 and 3 of the new Whitefriars Shopping Centre, Canterbury.
Chester Business Park, Chester
Classic Façade Created with Dryvit Shapes on Chester Business Park
Prefabricated features supplied by Dryvit UK offered a lightweight and cost effective solution to replicated stone cornices, pediments, and columns on this business park in Chester. The Weatherlastic Adobe finish was used to tie in with stonework on adjacent buildings and to compliment the brickwork.

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