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There are tens of thousands of existing buildings in need of more than just exterior repairs and a face lift; many lack sufficient insulation and cost more to heat and cool than a building incorporating one of Dryvit’s external wall insulation systems. That's why we offer ReVyvit by Dryvit: our industry leading renovation solution set. No matter the building type or the level of renovation required, we have a solution to make your building not only perform better and in a less costly way, but look better than it ever has before.

Morwell Street - Commercial Sector
Heath Lane - Public Sector
Carpeaux Close - Residential Sector
Bertha James Court - Residential Sector
Robinson Court - Residential Sector
Overgate Shopping Centre - Retail Sector

ReVyvit by Dryvit

Dryvit has been at the centre of the exterior cladding renovation business since 1969. Why? Because the ReVyvit by Dryvit renovation program offers a range of renovation solutions: from simply re-coating the existing exterior all the way to a complete over-clad with one of our external wall insulation (EWI) systems, such as Roxsulation Pro, Outsulation® or Drysulation. Whether your building is EWI or not, we have the perfect renovation solution for you!

Caldervale High School
Dryvit Outsulation makes the grade
Caldervale High School has undergone a major refurbishment which has provided a wide range of modern. The Dryvit Outsulation EWI system was specified on the scheme as its lightweight nature provided the ideal cladding option for the existing brick work facade.
Aberysthwyth Town Hall
Town Hall Wins Building Commendation Award
The conversion of Aberystwyth’s Old Town Hallinto the Town Library, County Archive and Day Centre was awarded the 2012 Commendation Award by the Consortium of Local Authorities in Wales.Dryvit’s Outsulation EWI systemticked all the boxes for the in-house Council design team including strict performance criteria related to the coastal location of the building.
Old Mill House
Dryvit adds traditional character to existing property
Dryvit's Outsulation and Prefabricated Shapes not only upgraded the thermal performance of the property but the design versatility of the system also provided the opportunity to create the classic appearance and features associated with a historic building.

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