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Premier Inn Sunderland

System: Outsulation, Dryvit ACR 150
Finish: PMRB
Texture: Sandpebble
Sector: Hospitality

The development of the new Premier Inn in Central Sunderland provides the City with much needed hotel accommodation in line with the Councils regeneration goals. Dryvit worked closely with the Architect, Faulkner Browns, and the Design Team from GB Group to ensure the most suitable system specification was found that could meet the requirements set out by both Building Control and the Client. With the building height in excess of 18 meters it is classified by Building Control as a high rise building and therefore the chosen cladding system had to satisfy their stringent requirements for fire performance. As the Dryvit Outsulation system with its expanded polystyrene (EPS) core held the relevant BR 135 classification and LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) certification relevant for a steel frame substrate it was well placed to meet their requirements whilst delivering a scope of specification which satisfied the projects design intent in terms of thermal performance, aesthetics and cost – making it the most suitable option for the works. 1,500m2 of the Outsulation insulated render system installed. 

Dryvit's market leading fire certification