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North East Fire & Rescue Authority - Fire Stations

System: Outsulation
Finish: PMRB
Texture: Sandpebble
Sector: Commercial

The North East Fire & Rescue Authority (NEFRA) embarked on a £27M PFI project to procure five new build and redeveloped fire stations across the region. The stations were a mix of solid wall and lightweight steel frame construction incorporating Dryvit Oustulation external wall insulation in conjunction with rainscreen cladding panels.

Dryvit worked closely with the Napper Architects, and the Design Team from Shepherd Construction to ensure the most suitable cladding specification was found to meet the requirements set out by both Building Control and the Client. As the Dryvit Outsulation system with its expanded polystyrene (EPS) core holds BR 135 classification and LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) certification for both solid and steel frame substrates it satisfied all requirements with ultimate piece of mind on fire performance as well the design intent in terms of thermal performance, aesthetics and cost – making it the most suitable option for the works. A total of 7,500m2 of the Outsulation insulated render system installed. Completed 2011.

NEFRA were the biggest winners at the 2011 Partnership Bulletin Awards securing the ‘Best Accommodation’ category before going on to win the “Grand Prix” award. In a unanimous decision by the judges NEFRA topped a strong shortlist of international projects to win the ‘Grand Prix’ award, for delivering outstanding improvement in public service for the benefit of communities.

Dryvit's market leading fire certification