Stone Mist T Finish Application Video

Stone Mist TA spray applied stone natural finish that includes fine mica flakes, which reflect natural sunlight providing a sparkling and beautiful effect on any wall.

Stone Mist Finish Application Video

Stone Mist - A spray or trowel-applied stone natural finish that accents the environment in subtle tones and enhances any exterior or interior wall.

TerraNeo Finish Application Video

TerraNeoA trowel-applied stone finish that simulates cut stone and granite.

AquaFlash Corners Application Video

AquaFlash Corners - Pre-made Mesh for Corners. Dryvit’s AquaFlash Corners are pre-made mesh pieces that easily fit into the corner of openings, eliminating the need for cutting in the field.

AquaFlash and Backstop NT Application Video

AquaFlash - A water-resistant flashing system consisting of a liquid adhesive and a polyester tape for use at wall openings.
Backstop NT - Smooth and Texture - A High Performance, Noncementitious Water-Resistive Membrane and Air Barrier     

Tuscan Glaze Finish Application Video

Tuscan Glaze - A Tintable Acrylic Stain That Can Be Applied To Acrylic or Elastomeric Finishes, Providing An 'Old World' or 'Antique' Look.

Lymestone Finish Application Video

Lymestone - A premixed, 100% acrylic-based finish designed to replicate the appearance of limestone blocks.

SkimIt and Reflectit Application Video

SkimIt and Reflectit - Reflectit is a "pearlescent" coating that can be used to create a smooth metallic effect.  It is used over a Dryvit Outsulation system and Dryvit SkimIt smoothing material. 

Systems and products
What Is Outsulation? by Dryvit Systems

What is Outsulation? Outsulation Systems from Dryvit are highly energy efficient wall claddings. A variety of finish textures, styles and colors are available and can replicate stucco, brick, limestone or granite. Design options with Outsulation are virtually endless!

Panzer Missile Test

Dryvit Systems cladding is durable and strong thanks to Panzer Mesh. High impact applications are available, which are manufactured to stringent Dryvit requirements for optimum strength and resilience. The specially woven and treated glass fiber mesh is used with Dryvit base coats to provide strength and impact resistance.

HDP Coatings and Finishes Video

Dryvit HDP Coatings & Finishes have high-performance hydrophobic properties that repel water, keeping the wall drier and cleaner.  It is available as both a coating and textured finish, in all standard and custom colors with StratoTone high performance pigments.

Project Case Histories
Rampton Drift ECO Project - Willmott Dixon

Willmott Dixon teamed up with South Cambridgeshire District Council to retrofit 13 homes at Rampton Drift, Longstanton. Dryvit Drysulation external wall insulation (EWI) incorporating dynamic insulation and Lymestone finish was installed on two of the trial properties.

Chelsfield House, Bath - Sustainable Home

A short film about a recently refurbished luxury home in Bath UK that is also one of the most sustainable houses in the country. Dryvit Outsulation external wall insulation (EWI) system and Prefabricated Features were specified on this project. 80mm thick of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation was used to assist the wall structure achieve the high energy saving performance. The Outsulation insulated render system was finished with PMRB Sandpebble Fine and Lymestone textured coatings.

Dryvit Logo Transformation 2016!

Watch the Dryvit logo transformation from 1969 to 2016. The new re-brand presents Dryvit as a relevant and contemporary company who provide market leading cladding solutions to suit every building type.